Fr. Lawrence Soosai S.J.


Fr. Soosai Lawrence S.J. is a member of the Patna Jesuit Province of India. He was born in 1965 in Nagercoil of Kanyakumari, the southern-most district of South India. In 1983 he went to Patna in Bihar, the land the Lord Buddha trod 2500 years ago, in order to become a Jesuit. From his early formation days in the Society of Jesus (that is, since his novitiate days), he has taken a keen interest in the culture and religiosity of people belonging to traditions other than Christianity. From January 2003 to December 2007, he got the golden opportunity of working in Bodhgaya, the place where the Lord Buddha received enlightenment. His four years of work in Bodhgaya in the area of Inter-religious Relations has brought him closer to Buddhists and Buddhism, and Buddhist Psycho-Spirituality has attracted him in very many ways.
Having realized that Bodhgaya offered numerous opportunities to promote Christian-Buddhist Relations for World Peace, he dreamed of building up a multi-faceted Inter-religious Dialogue Ministry in Bodhgaya, to promote Inter-religious Understanding, Friendship and Collaboration for Human Welfare. It was to prepare himself to actualize this great and noble task that he came to Sri Lanka, in order to learn the living Buddhist Culture and Religion, and to experience the Wisdom and Freedom of Buddhist Psycho-spirituality. At present he is doing his doctoral research on the subject: MIND IN THERAVADA BUDDHISM IN RELATION TO SUFFERING AND LIBERATION WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO SUTTA PITAKA. He hopes to start a HOME TO EXPERIENCE INTER-RELIGIOUS SPIRITUALITY, ENLIGHTENMENT AND INTEGRATION (HEISEI) in Bodhgaya, in collaboration with Jesuits and people of goodwill from all over the world. He hopes that such a Home will promote International and Inter-religious Relations, World Peace, Fullness of Life, and Wholeness of Nature.
His Power-point Program explains the central Psychological Soteriology of Theravada Buddhism. Jesuits may use it either to teach or introduce Theravada Buddhism to people, but they need to make sure they do not misinterpret the doctrines of Theravada Buddhism. Do take a look at it.
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