Pastor Yong un Choe

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Dr. Yong Un Choe is a Korean Christian clergyman and close associate of the Jesuits of the Asia Pacific Conference. He initially studied Christianity at the Graduate School of Theology in Yonsei University in South Korea, and then went on to conduct further research on Christianity, Confucianism and Buddhism, both at the Boston University School of Theology in the USA, and the Graduate School of Sogang University in South Korea.
Dr. Choe is a gentleman whom the Jesuit Buddhist scholars of the Asia Pacific Conference have been closely associated with for the past eight years. He was an active participant at several workshops organized by the conference in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Japan and Myanmar, where he impressed all and sundry with erudition and open attitude, and besides he has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors.
He has been involved in inter-religious dialogue, and especially dialogue with Buddhism, and for many years has been committed to research in the field of Buddhist studies, comparative religions. He currently teaches an introductory course in religious studies at Sogang University in South Korea.
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