Fr.Paul Kriangyot Piyawanno SJ


Fr.Paul Kriangyot Piyawanno SJ is a Thai Jesuit. He has been a member of the inter-religious dialogue committee in Thailand since 1988. Fr. September 2004 to February 2005 he had to leave this committee in order to pursue his tertianship program in Sri Lanka, and later he continued special studies in Pali and Buddhism at the same University during his Master's course. He intends to get more involved in dialogue with Buddhists after the completion of his studies.
Fr. Paul may be contacted at the following address:
Fr. Paul Kriangyot Piyawanno SJ
31 Nirmala, Clifford Place,
Galle Road
Colombo 00400
Sri Lanka
Telephone: 94-11-258-4755