Total and Integral Development of Persons

To promote Psycho-spiritual and Moral Development of persons and communities and to enhance Inter-religious Understanding and Harmony the following programs are offered by Fr. Eucharist Lawrence S.J. of Patna Province.

For Religious Men and Women, and Priests

    True Spirituality effects Positive Transformation in individuals. This Transformative Spirituality Retreat is meant to transform the participants to become more Human and Divine! In this retreat by using Buddhist Psycho-spiritual Wisdom, each participant will be led to discover the core of his/her evil roots. Then by training the participants to encounter and experience the ever-forgiving Lord Jesus in the silence of their hearts they will be guided to go through a process of Purification and Enlightenment. This will pave way for their transformation into Wise, Compassionate, Graceful and Humble Companions of Jesus Christ. Thus as transformed and reborn persons, they would become a source of Love, Joy, Peace, Happiness and Hope to all. 

        In this Workshop a brief analysis of a Human Person into Body, Mind and Spirit will be dealt with. Then the methods to purify, harmonize and develop them will be explained with practice. In short Universal Human Psychology, Psycho-pathology and Psycho-therapy will be taught in these 3 days.

          In this short session, the dynamics of our mind which in general is distracted, scattered and restless is explained and then the means to make it concentrated, calm and prayerful will be taught with practice.

            In modern times persons of all walks of life are in stress in some way or other. It looks most of our life on earth is spent on worries, anxieties, depression and hopelessness. This Workshop will throw light on some of the reasons for our stress and suffering and the means to free ourselves from negative approaches to life and thus to lead a peaceful and hopeful life.

              Buddhism is a Spiritual Path that fosters a Psycho-spiritual Morality that leads to Mental Purity and Liberating Wisdom and Peace. As a Universal Psychology and Psycho-therapy Buddhism helps people, irrespective of the religions they belong to, to grow in Self-awareness, Self-mastery and Liberation. This short Course enhances people to understand the Core-Spirituality of Buddhism.

                Religions are meant to help people grow in Peace, Joy, Happiness and the Noble Attitudes and Values that empower them to cope with the challenges of life. But out of ignorance and pride humans misuse religions for their selfish interests and as a result conflicts, violence and bloodshed arise between followers of different religions. This evil phenomenon is spreading all over the world. This one-day Course will bring home the importance of Inter-religious Dialogue in preventing such inter-religious conflicts and clarifies how it promotes Inter-religious Understanding, Collaboration and Peace.

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                By Fr. Dr. S. Eucharist Lawrence S.J., Jeevan Sangham, Bodhgaya, Bihar.
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                To promote Integral and Total Development of Students in Schools and Youths in Colleges:
                Great Spiritual Leaders of our Nation, like, Swami Vivekananda, and Mahatma Gandhi have expressed that the true purpose of Education is not just gathering of information but it is mainly of Character Formation. His Holiness the Dalai Lama says, that the present type of education is inadequate since it is not geared to the Moral and Spiritual Development of the future generation of our Nation. To fill this gap we have taken up an innovative step in Education to enhance Moral Development and Character Formation of the future generation of our Nation. This novel step is none other than offering Mind Training Exercises to our young ones in schools and colleges. This is an adaptation from ‘Vipassana Meditation’ which is based on Universal Human Psychology as discovered by Lord Buddha, the Enlightened One of our ancient India. It is not sectarian since it is based on Universal Human Psychology. So individuals of all faiths, religions and traditions can practice these Mind Training Exercises to grow in Morals, Values, Virtues that are held as Sacred and Human universally by people of all traditions and civilizations.
                Meditation (Mind Training Exercises - MTE) for Concentration and Character Formation
                In the modern world, young students are distracted by mobiles, movies; TV, Twitters, Face book etc. and their minds are scattered unable to concentrate on whatever is taught in the classrooms. Also young minds become quite restless and disturbed on account of negative emotions like anger, hatred, jealousy, anxiety, stress, depression, hopelessness, etc. haunting their hearts and minds which in turn affect their, studies, relationships and character.
                The Mind Training Exercises (MTE) that we would teach to the students will first of all make them understand the dynamics of our minds; and then we will teach them the techniques to concentrate their minds on the activities that are happening at the present; this will help them to concentrate their minds on the lessons that are being taught in their class rooms and will enhance their grasping, memorizing and critical thinking power. As a result they would start performing academically much better.
                Also this Mind Training Exercises will help the students to become aware of the negative emotions that disturb them and affect their relationships and character. The awareness of the negative emotions will help them to discard those negative emotions as quickly as possible which in turn will improve their relationships and character.
                In the beginning this program will be an extra-curricular activity in the school. After conducting this program for all the teachers and 100 students in a school for 1 hr 30 minutes, the students and teachers who have participated in it will be asked to practice the Mind Training Exercises (MTE) at least for 10-15 minutes every day either in the school or in their houses. In 20-30 days’ time the students and the teachers who practice the MTE daily will see a change in their life- that is they will become more sharp and concentrated in their minds and will become more peaceful in their hearts.
                Our dream and expectation is that after seeing the positive changes in the teachers and students who do MTE daily, the Principals of the schools will ask all their students from 4
                th Standard and above to learn and practice MTE daily. This MTE practice in the entire school will bring a big change in the atmosphere and performance of each school. After seeing the impacts and effects of MTE, eventually it could become a part of the curriculum of the school. And if many schools in Bihar and India include MTE in their curriculum and see big changes in their students and teachers as a result of practicing MTE, then MTE exercises could be introduced in schools all over the world. In fact, if MTE is practiced well and properly in our schools it can revolutionize our education system totally. As a result we will see our young students of today emerging as peace-loving, disciplined and contributing citizens of tomorrow.
                Basic Requirement to introduce MTE in Schools and Colleges:
                1) First of all the Manager, Director, Principal, all Teachers and Lecturers of an Educational Institute have to go through this training for minimum 1 hr 30 minutes. Once they finish their training, it will be taught to the students in the following manner:
                2) -For children from 4
                th Standard to 7th Standard (45 minutes- only Practice)
                -For students from 8th Standard and above; and for Teachers and all Adults (1.30 hrs: 45 minutes Theory with Ppt. slides and 45 minutes Practice in a Hall; 100 persons at a time).
                3) After getting the training, every day each student and teacher will have to practice minimum 10-20 minutes in their homes.
                4) Every School day, each class can practice 3-5 minutes MTE before class begins
                5) The Management of every school or college can reserve a hall in their Institute where 100 students can sit and practice MTE at a time without any difficulty.
                6) In a week, each and every class should be allowed to practice MTE for 30 minutes (one period) in the school or college in that reserved hall in a planned and routine way.

                How to contact: Managements and Principals of Schools and Colleges who are willing to introduce MTE in their Educational Institutes to make a difference in our present educational system, kindly contact:

                Fr. Dr. S.E. Lawrence S.J.;
                E-mail id:
                Phone no: 7294804182; 9304833199


                8th Standard Students to Post-graduate students (5.30 hrs)


                This Workshop is meant for all students in schools and colleges, both boys and girls to prepare them for their future by giving them right orientations and positive attitudes towards themselves, others and their life.

                  This Workshop is to give Value-education to Youths so that they emerge as responsible citizens of our Nation.

                    This is to promote Inter-religious Harmony among our youths so that they become MESSENGERS OF PEACE in our Country.

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                      Donation will be appreciated.

                      By Fr. Dr. S. Eucharist Lawrence S.J., Jeevan Sangham, Bodhgaya, Bihar.
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                      Guided Educational Tour for Students and Teachers
                      This is a 2-day Study Tour of the Sacred and Historical Towns of Bodhgaya, Gaya, Rajgir, Nalanda and Pawapuri in the State of Bihar. This Study Tour is aimed at promoting knowledge and experience of the Cultural Glory and the Heritage of our Country. This Tour also paves way for gaining meaningful relaxation and enjoyment from outside class-room learning.

                      First Day

                            Third Day

                            (The 3rd day is for those who come from faraway places!

                              Boarding, Lodging, Local travel and Guidance Fee etc. will be worked out as per
                              facilities requested.
                              By Fr. Dr. S. Eucharist Lawrence S.J., Jeevan Sangham, Bodhgaya, Bihar.
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                              Motivational Programs for Teachers and Lecturers

                              • a) Workshop on Stress Management and Effective Education for Teachers and

                              Lecturers (5.30 hrs)

                              This One-day Workshop is meant for Teachers to Develop Their Managerial Skills in resolving their personal as well as class room problems. Education through being and behaving is more effective than mere teaching and preaching.

                              • b) Seminar on ‘PEACE EDUCATION’ (5.30 hrs). This seminar is to equip the Teachers and Lecturers to be agents of Character Formation of their students so that students who are the future citizens of our Country emerge as Peace and Harmony promoting leaders of our Country.

                              • c) A Talk on Self-Formation for Teachers and Lecturers : (1.30 hrs)

                              • d) Offering Pilgrimage and Educational Tour to the Sacred and Historical Towns of Bodhgaya, Gaya, Rajgir, Nalanda and Pawapuri for Teachers and Lecturers to widen their knowledge and experiences. (2 days).

                              FEE: Apart from providing Travel costs, food and accommodations,
                              a Donation will be appreciated.
                              By Fr. Dr. S. Eucharist Lawrence S.J., Jeevan Sangham, Bodhgaya, Bihar.
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                              For Those who are in Busy Life
                              (IT and Corporate Sector)
                              THE PATH TO INNER PEACE AND TRUE HAPPINESS

                                (5.30 hrs)
                                Each and every human being in the world wants to live a healthy, happy, contented and peaceful life. But till today, while humans have reached the moon and are preparing to land in planet Mars and are discovering new and sophisticated Technology and Gadgets every day, the path to true happiness and inner peace is still a mystery and a secret to majority of the humanity. As a result, the number of suicides, divorces, rapes, robberies, murders, communal riots, lethal weapons, wars and natural calamities are increasing day by day in the world. People are losing joy, peace and hope in living! In this gloomy and hopeless environment, is there a way out to discover the secrets of a joyful, healthy and peaceful life? That is what this Seminar is meant to be! In this Seminar, the participants will be trained, to discover the causes behind our stress, strain and worries and the way to remove them to grow in the joy and the adventure of a prosperous life!

                                  FEE: Apart from providing Travel costs, food and accommodations, a reasonable donation will be appreciated.
                                  By Fr. Dr. S. Eucharist Lawrence S.J., Jeevan Sangham, Bodhgaya, Bihar.
                                  Mobile Numbers: 7294804182; 9304833199

                                  A COURSE ON BUDDHIST PSYCHOLOGY IN COLLEGES

                                  (18-20 Hrs Course)
                                  The topics covered under this Course are:

                                    Fee: Apart from receiving Travel costs, Food, Accommodations a reasonable donation will be appreciated.
                                    Fr. Dr. Eucharist Lawrence S.J.; e-mail: ujjwallawrence@gmail.com
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