Fr. Paul Yang Chon-uk SJ

Paul Yang

Fr. Paul Yang SJ is a Jesuit belonging to the China Mission. He entered the Society of Jesus on February 18, 1995, and he was ordained a priest on December 4, 2004. After obtaining a new Visa in Sri Lanka he came back to India and stayed at Sameeksha, the Indian Spirituality Center in Kerala for several days. He later visited Fr. AMA Swamy at the Bodhi Zendo, Zen Meditation Center, where he was recommended to follow the Mahayana way as a means to help the Chinese people. He intends remaining at the Bodhi Zendo to study Zen meditation under Fr. AMA Swamy until August 2007.
Fr. Paul can be contacted at the following address: Bodhi Zendo, Perumalmalai PO, Kodaikanal 624104, India
His telephone address is: 91-4542-230345
He may be contacted by e-mail at the following address: